To all my Piano Students, Friends and Subscribers,

It’s been about 4 years since I developed the 7 Secrets Module C Part 1 – Runs and Fills Piano Workshop for my students.

My students have enjoyed this course tremendously that they have requested over and over again if I would provide a Video Manual for them.

In this course, all the instructions and captions are done in the 26 videos in a workshop manner such that students can learn, study, explore, experiment and practice along with the videos.  So I did not write a manual for this course but had all the lessons built into the video lessons.

In the last 3 years, I discovered that my students are using a lot of time copying and rewriting the captions from the video lessons.

So in order to save my students time from ‘copying’, I have now put the 518 Video Clips with instructions into a Manual pdf format so that my students can follow along easily.

To reward my students for their passion and enthusiasm learning piano, you can sign in here to get your free copy of the Video Manual of Module C Part 1.  There are 130 Pages.


 Yes, I want to have a copy of the Video Manual to Module C Part 1 Runs and Fills

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Have fun creating your funs and fills.

Many of you are waiting for Module C Part 2.

This new course will be ready in a month’s time.