To all my Students and Subscribers,

I want to write to you all personally.  This is Thanksgiving season.  Every now and then I receive emails from students telling me how blessed they are to have found my piano site.  And I am so blessed to have this kind of contact with  you all.


I just received this email from Valarie on November 12th

Hi Rosa,

You’ll never know just what your courses mean to me.
I’m letting you know my shipment from you arrived today!  The next order will following shortly, I”m sure.   Thanks so much.  I am so looking forward to getting started using the courses.  I’ve been cleaning house and getting rid of potential distractions before I start. When I begin, I want to put in the time and attention on your courses that they will require for me to become proficient.
I thank the Lord for leading me to you.  What an answer to prayer you are.
Keep on being blessed and blessing others, 

*:) happy




Today is November 15, 2014.  I began teaching piano online in April 10, 2009.

You can read about this in Piano World – Learn Piano With Rosa by BigbeardDale


It’s been 5 years and now with new technology with ipads, androids, tablets, smartphones, Online schools are gaining more and more popular as we enter into 2015. When I started teaching piano, I began with workshops and selling hard copies of my piano method books.  Then I turned my books into digital books and videos so people can buy on the net. Now, people want them on their mobile devices.

And during these 5 years, at the request of students, I began to develop one course to another meeting their learning needs.  Many students have been desperate in search of structured piano courses to guide them from one level to the next. It is in response to their requests that I have developed over 56 individual stand alone courses for them. You can see them in my Learn Piano With Rosa website.

And most important of all, during all the development I have a retired music teacher, Alene Thornton, to go over ALL my materials, test all my videos, do all my courses before any of the launches.  Even though she is a music teacher, she always approaches my course as if she is a beginner to see if there is anything there is unclear or concepts assumed that need further clarification.  So we have had tons of emails back and forth to get all my courses better and better.  Alene is not an affiliate and gained nothing financially but what we have gained is far more than what money can give us, a treasure of life time friendship sharing our music passion, piano passion and even our personal and family lives. I am very grateful to my kindred friend and mentor.

In the meantime, while I was developing my piano courses, another friend Rosanna Sun, developed my entire website for me. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her detail help in this area.

While my piano site was developing, we all helped our friend Diane Mathison to start her piano online site: Learn Piano With Elssa. We bonded and the world started to take notice of us, our piano passion, and our willingness to share our knowledge of piano playing with them.  Together, we have made thousands of piano friends all over the world, and YOU included.


In July 2014, my Piano Online School started.

This has been a long journey.  But only within 5 years time –  How much was accomplished in such a short time!



With the new Piano Online School, I am paying monthly fees to get my online school set up to host all my videos and courses. In this way, whenever students want to learn piano, they will have all the courses at their finger tips without searching all over the computer.


The Piano Online School is structured a bit differently from my ‘packaged’ courses.  With my packaged courses, I can put them into ebooks in pdf format and videos.  Students just download the course and learn from their computer.


With Online School, I have to re-do the courses into Lectures and New HD Video Formatting to suit the needs of the mobile devices.  All my videos had to be upgraded.  And those of you who are in my online school would notice that the videos are highly upgraded without any background white noises.


As I develop my Online School, I am updating all the old courses material with NEW Screencast Video Lectures for students to have more FUN to grasp music concept even faster and easier.  When everything is visually done in front of you, you see things in one flash that you are not able to see in ‘reading’ format.  So 80% of my time are now spent on doing Screencast videos to upgrade the courses.


I realize that many students have bought all my previous courses, and this is why whenever I launch my online courses, I offer 80% discount to ALL students, so that returning students get new value in courses that they have bought previously with these NEWLY ADDED Screencast lecture videos.  Believe me, the Early Bird Launch with Coupons is the BEST deal always! It’s for you, my long term regular students  that there is the 80% special offer!  And new students are now reaping this benefit also!


While I am upgrading my online courses, I am also creating BRAND NEW courses.  Yeahhh….. this is what my returning students want as they write to me recently requesting new courses.  And the Circle of 5ths is one of them.


I am happy to announce to you that the BRAND NEW Course on CIrcle of 5ths is Launching at my Piano Online School.  This is selling very well at Udemy Launch with 1174 students enrolling there.  Although the course is sold at $249, I have only made $194 in there. With Udemy being a social site,  there are a lot of paying ads and affiliates there selling my courses for which I only get a very small fraction of money. But in return, my presence is made.


The New Course: Watch my Circle of 5ths Video:






Special for my Students – $69  (Save $180)

Circle of 5ths Fully Revealed





Get All 10 Online Courses –  76% Special For Rosa’s Students


There are now 10 online courses on my site.  The total price is $611.

You can get 76% discount by enrolling in today for these 10 courses.

For students who have already enrolled into my online courses, you do NOT need to take this offer.  You have already gotten the BEST discount at the early bird launch last month.  This is for students who have not enrolled into the school yet.  Because it is thanskgiving, I am giving out this  76% discount special.:)



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Early Bird Monthly Membership – Subscription Plan


Some of you have asked whether it is possible to join a subscription plan to my online school.  Yes.  If you do not plan to enroll into my online school course by course, you can consider subscribing the next best deal — monthly membership!


Yes!!!  In this Thanksgiving Season, I am allowing any students, new or returning, to join the Monthly Subscription Plan at $29/month  .  The price will increase to $37/month on December 31, 2014.  


The subscription plan works in this way:  

1. You get admitted to all my courses on site and any new courses that are launched.

2.  You pay a regular subscription of  $29/month and can stop when you have finished all the courses.

3.  When you stop subscribing, you will have no access to my piano online courses anymore.


If you plan to join the subscription plan, you do not need to buy the courses when they launch.  This is different from buying each course and enrolling into them. When you buy each course, you get life-time access!  With the subscription plan, you get access into the courses on monthly basis.




We look forward to a FUN year ahead of us with more piano learning, more beautiful piano playing into Christmas,