Many music students are totally confused regarding Tritones and how to use Tritone Chord Substitutios into their music and composition.

We need to pay special attention to Tritones and learn the tips and tricks to harmonize your songs with Tritone Chords. They give you such beautiful tension sounds that you often hear in jazz music.

Professional musicians use Tritone Chord Substitutions a lot.

I have now written a book to explain thoroughly what Tritones are and how to put in Tritone Chord Substitutions. You need to know how to find them easily in the Circle of 5ths. Learn also when you cannot put in Tritone Chord Subtitutions.

This book is written for all musicians, whether you are a guitarist, pianist, or a ukulele player. This music theory in the Circle of 5ths works for all instruments, and not specifically for pianists.


I am now in the process of creating a full Video Lecture Course on Tritones and its applications to songs. The music theory will be fully explained as never before. In the local workshop, it is a one day workshop where enrollment is US$500.

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