I am presently working on “Read 22 Music Notes Fast – Level 3”.  This course is going to concentrate on working on ‘speed’ so that you can eventually quickly sight read these notes on music score.

To be able to “sight-read”, you need to be able to read ‘individual’ music notes quickly first!
Sight reading skill is a completely differently skill which in due time I will do an entire course on.
For now, learn to read individual music notes ACCURATELY & with SPEED.

You need to master ONE skill at a time.


Test yourself with these 4 videos:  They are at different speed.

76 BPM – Walking Pace

92 BPM – Moderate Speed

120 BPM – Lively & Fast Speed

200 BPM – For Super Genius


1.  76 BPM – Walking Pace




2.  92 BPM –  Moderate Speed


3.  120 BPM –  Lively & Fast Speed




4.  200 BPM –  Super Fast Speed


Come and take this course to learn Rosa’s Unique Music Note Attack! 




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 Enjoy, Rosa