The Circle of 5ths is a great musical tool to use for:

  • composing
  • improvisation
  • playing chord progression
  • finding major scales
  • finding key signatures
  • finding secondary dominants
  • finding tritone chords

Many people are scared of improvisation because they do not know how to create music!

There is a musician inside all of us waiting for us to discover!

In Circle of 5ths Level 3, you are going to learn about pentatonic scales to help release the musician inside you!  You want to communicate the music that is inside you with others, just like we want to tell our stories to our friends.  To communicate stories, we use language.  To communicate music, we use notes.

Start playing around with the Pentatonic Scales:

Watch this video:

Contest Game:

Circle of 5ths Level 2 –  Tritones and Tritone Chords

Circle of 5ths Level 3 – Pentatonic Scales


  1.  Why is it easy to use Pentatonic scale to start improvising or composing your first song?  (Think about what you learned regarding the Tritones in Circle Level 2
  2.  If you translate this to ‘Number’ playing, what would be the numbers?  This is great for those who love the number playing!


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