Level 8 Introduction – Putting in Augmented Chords



Answer 4 Questions:

1. How many augmented chords do you see here?

2. Which augmented chords substitute for which chord?

3. Can you tell me ‘when’ we substitute augmented chords?

Multiple choice answer – Choose ONE:

A. Major chords
B. Minor chords
C. Dominant 7 chords
D. Diminished chords
E. All of the above
F. None of the above

4. Can you tell me why at 0:44, there is no G+ substitution for G7?


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LEARN MUSIC THEORY at GREAT PRICES! – As musicians, we must advance our music theory from one level to the next. Music Theory is explained in Part 1 of the course. Bonus Piano Techniques are given in Part 2.

Level 1 – Total Beginners – Basic Music Theory & 14 RIGHT Hand Tips

Level 2 – Color Chords + Left Hand Ballad styles & variations

Level 3 – Harmonize songs with Minor Chords

Level 4 – Use Circle of 5ths to predict chord progressions

Level 5 – Use Exciting Secondary Dominants

Level 6 – Use 7b9 to create jazzy cocktail sounds

Level 7 – Add in Diminished 7 Chords & Chromatic Scales