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Learn this Magic Trick – Circle of 5ths


My students are fascinated with the Circle and so am I.

I show them neat tricks they can get just by looking at the Circle in the right way.


Can you identify the 12 signatures with their sharps and flats just at one glance? Think of it as a face of a clock. Learn this trick!


If you still don’t get it, watch the video. Neat trick eh? Share this with your friends.


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12 Signatures from the Circle of 5ths




Learn the Magic of Eb Key



143124 Png209

Watch the video to take this course!




Get Discounts For eBooks


Dear Friends,

Thank you for  purchasing my ebooks.

For my customers, I want to give you special discounts in Rosa’s Bookshelf on ebooks that are sold in Amazon,  Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Flipkart, Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor.

Please sign in here and you will receive updates and discounts of my eBooks.


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Enjoy Reading!

Free Lesson – Watch the Video


Your browser does not support the video tag.




7 Secrets Module C Part 1 – Video Manual

To all my Piano Students, Friends and Subscribers,

It’s been about 4 years since I developed the 7 Secrets Module C Part 1 – Runs and Fills Piano Workshop for my students.

My students have enjoyed this course tremendously that they have requested over and over again if I would provide a Video Manual for them.

In this course, all the instructions and captions are done in the 26 videos in a workshop manner such that students can learn, study, explore, experiment and practice along with the videos.  So I did not write a manual for this course but had all the lessons built into the video lessons.

In the last 3 years, I discovered that my students are using a lot of time copying and rewriting the captions from the video lessons.

So in order to save my students time from ‘copying’, I have now put the 518 Video Clips with instructions into a Manual pdf format so that my students can follow along easily.

To reward my students for their passion and enthusiasm learning piano, you can sign in here to get your free copy of the Video Manual of Module C Part 1.  There are 130 Pages.


 Yes, I want to have a copy of the Video Manual to Module C Part 1 Runs and Fills

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Have fun creating your funs and fills.

Many of you are waiting for Module C Part 2.

This new course will be ready in a month’s time.




Physical Products: Shipping & Handling Fees



I also provide physical products for students who prefer to receive physical products rather than downloading ecopies.

All ebooks & videos are formatted as .pdf or .wmv in Computer DVD-Roms.

For ebooks, you need to print the pdfs from the DVD-Roms.

For the videos, you can either watch them from the DVD-Rom or you can transfer the files into your hard disk to watch from your hard disk.

For international mailing, the minimum fee is $10 for handling and shipping cost:




The package will be sent via Air Mail.

For International Shipping, the expected delivery time will be about 10 to 14 days.

Please give me your name and full address to make sure the delivery will be correct and on time.

Thank you,


Today – Music Sheet


Music CHORDS for Today



C               Am              F            G
Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine,

      C                Am            F              G
I'll taste your strawberries, I'll drink your sweet wine;

    C        C7            F        
A million tomorrows shall all pass away

C         Am           F          G      C
Ere I forget all the joy that is mine today.

C         Am        F           G
I'll be a dandy and I'll be a rover,

        C         Am          F          G
You'll know who I am by the song that I sing.

      C            Am           F            G
I'll feast at your table, I'll sleep in your clover,

      F          G            C     G
Who cares what tomorrow may bring.




Click Here To Download Today Music Sheet

Free Christmas Song Sheets


Christmas Carols & Holiday Songs: Free Sheet Music

1. Away in a manger: By James Murray

Away In A Manger – Key of C   (No Chords)

Away In A Manger – Key of C    (Basic  I  IV  V7  Chords)

Away In A Manger – Key of F   (Basic   I  IV  V7  Chords)

2. Away in a Manger – Traditional – By William Kirkpatrick

Away In A Manger –  Traditional –  Key of C   (No Chords)

Away In A Manger –  Traditional  –  Key of C  (Basic  I  IV  V7 Chords)

Away In A Manger –  Traditional  –  Key of F  (Basic  I  IV  V7  Chords)

3.  Joy To The World

Joy To The World   –   Key of  C   (No Chords)

Joy To The World – Key of C   (With Chords)

Joy To The World  Key of F   (Basic I  IV  V7 Chords)

Joy To the World Key of D (Basic I IV V7)


4.  Jingle-Bell Rock

Jingle-Bell Rock   –   Key of C   (No Chords)


5.  O  Holy Night

O Holy Night Key of C No Chords)

6.  When A Child Is Born

When A Child Is Born – Key of C (No Chords)


You can use the above simple song sheets and turn them to beautiful sounding arrangement by reharmonizing the song with more complex chords.


1.  Play the melody in the right hand.

2.  Can you put in the basic chords yourself (I, IV, V7)?

3.  After putting the basic chords, can you put in advanced chords?

Take a look at the videos here to see how the songs can be played with beautiful arrangement.  You need to scroll down the page to look at the 6 videos:


Christmas Videos – Away In A Manger; Joy to the World, Jingle Bell Rock, O Holy Night, When A Child is Born



Aura Lee (Love Me Tender) Piano Techniques


I’ve just finished preparing Reharmonization Study Kit #9: Aura Lee a.k.a. Love Me Tender!

Since this will be the last study kit on Reharmonization Method 1, I really went all out to make this a most worthwhile kit for students to take their piano playing to the next level.

The piano techniques came to 82 VIDEOS! 4 Hours Long! The piano techniques alone is like a piano course on its own. What a celebration this is for me and for all my students! This is record high.

I promise my students to release this piano technique ebook to them early in advance so that they can get an idea of the FUN stuff they are going to learn in this Kit.

Aura Lee / Love Me Tender – an all time favorite song that we all grew up with.

Reharmonization Kit 9 Aura Lee (Love Me Tender)

Reharmonization Kit 9 Aura Lee (Love Me Tender)

Click to Download – Piano Techniques ebook – 82 pages!

Enjoy Enjoy!


Pdf – A List of Piano Techniques in Reharmon Kits 1 to 6


One of my students recently asked me about a piano technique that I taught in the Reharmonization Kits but had difficulty locating which Kit it was in.

So I’ve decided to put together a pdf of all the piano techniques that are taught in the Reharmonization Kits 1 to 6.

Hope this becomes a handy tool for students to locate where the piano techniques are taught as they learn new skills everyday.

Right Click and download:
A List of Piano Techniques and Styles in Reharmonization Kit 1 to Kit 6

Happy Playing in 2011,

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