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To all My Passionate Students:

I want to thank all my students and new students coming into our Piano Online Courses.

It is exciting for me to watch you all grow and progress in my music programs.


As you know, after the pricing experiment from April to July, Udemy had now put our courses to the pricing to where the courses are worth.

Since this is the first day it is taking effective, I am giving ALL my students 90 to 95% DISCOUNT SALES.

The lowest I can now offer courses is at a discount of $10 coupons.

Here are the links for you to get my music courses at $10.

Improve your overall musicianship with my Music Online School


LEARN Rosa’s Secret Piano Tips & Tricks and Easy Handshapes to Play EFFORTLESSLY


#1 Play Piano Trick: Rosa’s Easy 4T6 Handshape Color Tones

#2 Piano Trick: Rosa’s EZ Octave Hands Play Advanced Chords

#3 Play Piano Trick: Rosa’s Octave Rhythmic Dramatic Drum

#4 Play Piano Trick: Rosa’s EZ Locked Hands play Rich Chords

#5 Play Piano Trick: EZ Polychord Hands play Advanced Chord 

#6 Piano Secret Trick: Rosa’s Runs & Fills – Polychord Hands

#7 Play Piano Trick: Use Rosa’s EZ Fingering for Quartal Harmony

#8 Play Piano Trick: Use Rosa’s 3T6 Handshape to play Inversions Effortlessly

#9 Play Piano Trick:  Create Westminster Chimes & Bell Sounds

#10 Play Piano Trick:  Music Box Dance Effect with EZ Alberti Bass

#11 Play Piano Trick: Tips To Walk the Bass Effortlessly

#12 Play Piano Trick: Play Off-Beat – EZ Swing & Syncopate

#13 Play Piano Trick: Rosa’s Half Step Slides to Syncopate

#14 Piano Piano Trick: Jazz Waltz Swing 3/4 + Half Step 

#15 Piano Trick: Triplets & 10 Ballad accompaniment 6/8 12/8 

#16 Piano Trick: Play EZ Groupings Nostalgic Accompaniment


Chord Progressions #1: Joy to the World – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory  

Chord Progressions #2:  Cradle Song – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory

Chord Progressions #3:  Jingle Bell Rock – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory

Chord Progressions #4:  O Holy Night – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory

Chord Progressions #5:  When A Child is Born – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory

Chord Progression #6:  Morning Has Broken – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory

Chord Progression #7:  Love Me Tender – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory

Chord Progression #8:  Old Rugged Cross – 10 Levels of Music Harmony Theory


Playing Old Standards & Popular Songs

Play Piano 1:  Play Left Hand Closed Voicing to 2-5-1 Major and 2-5-1 Minor Chords

Play Piano 2:  Improvise  Love Me Tender (Aura Lee) & add in 2-5 Power Chords

Play Piano 3:  Improvise Some Enchanted Evening & add in 2-5 Power Chords

Play Piano 4:  Improvise Yesterday & add in 2-5 Power Chords

Play Piano 5:  Improvise on Misty in Key of Eb

Play Piano 6:  Improvise on The Way We Were

Play Piano 7:  Improvise on For All We Know in F Key

Play Piano 8:  Improvise on Over the Rainbow

Play Piano 9:  Improvise on The Way You Look Tonight C Key to Eb Key

Play Piano 10:  Improvise on Love Story in Minor Key by Ear

Play Piano 11:  Improvise on All I Ask of You by Ear

Play Piano 12:  Improvise on Unchained Melody by Ear

Play Piano 13:  Improvise on My Heart Will Go On by Ear

Play Piano 14:  Improvise on Moon River by Ear

Play Piano 15:  Improvise on You Light Up My Life by Ear







LEARN PIANO – Harmonize Away in a Manger in Different Levels​

Learn Piano Master Class 11:  70+ Piano Techniques with Rosa’s Secret Tips & EZ Fingering

READ MUSIC NOTES FAST – Rosa’s Note Attack Method​



Advanced Students for Hand Coordination: Play 16th Notes

Master Class:  Learn how to Dress Up A Boring Song to a Dynamic Rendition

Bible Courses​

To All the Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day – Special Discounts of $10 or $15 for any course!




Improve your overall musicianship with my Music Online School


CIRCLE OF 5THS – a MUST for all Musicians – Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Harmonica…


PIANO RUNS & FILLS – Play with Elegance & Creativity!

RHYTHM – Know your BEAT!

PLAY BY EAR​ SERIES – Open Up Your Creativity 

QUICK PLAYING METHOD – 12 KEYS​ – For Advanced Players

LEARN PIANO – Harmonize Away in a Manger in Different Levels​ – Beginners to Late Intermediate

READ MUSIC NOTES FAST – Rosa’s Note Attack Method​ – Most Popular Course


Bible Courses​ – Enjoy Reading the Bible with Understanding

Game: At what speed are you able to Read Music Notes?

I am presently working on “Read 22 Music Notes Fast – Level 3”.  This course is going to concentrate on working on ‘speed’ so that you can eventually quickly sight read these notes on music score.

To be able to “sight-read”, you need to be able to read ‘individual’ music notes quickly first!
Sight reading skill is a completely differently skill which in due time I will do an entire course on.
For now, learn to read individual music notes ACCURATELY & with SPEED.

You need to master ONE skill at a time.


Test yourself with these 4 videos:  They are at different speed.

76 BPM – Walking Pace

92 BPM – Moderate Speed

120 BPM – Lively & Fast Speed

200 BPM – For Super Genius


1.  76 BPM – Walking Pace




2.  92 BPM –  Moderate Speed


3.  120 BPM –  Lively & Fast Speed




4.  200 BPM –  Super Fast Speed


Come and take this course to learn Rosa’s Unique Music Note Attack! 




Take a look to see what other students are saying:





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 Enjoy, Rosa






Learn How To Read Music Notes Fast

Music is a Universal Language

Music has its own language by which it communicates messages to the listeners.

Music is a “universal language” that communicates powerfully to anyone around the world. Whether you are in Africa, China, America, England, Australia, India …. we all have a common music language that every culture understands.

We can’t travel around the world and be able to communicate with everyone using our native language. Even when we use body language or gestures to communicate, there is limitation. But every culture has one thing in common – Music. It is the one thing that is not reliant upon words & grammar, but emotions through music which can move a person to laugh, to cry, and to get up and dance. This is why music is a universal language.

Music works in all cultures with many sounds, emotions, instruments, beats, and genres that everyday, millions of people are listening and playing some sort of music. It reaches every part of us because music is a kind of expression and we all feel a need to express ourselves through music in different moods. For musicians, we like to connect with each other through music.

Music can tell stories. Each song is like a story conveying our current moods. And we create these moods with the music notes that you see on sheet music.

This is why you want to learn this music language.
It is written music.
And you communicate the written music by singing the notes.


Music is actually the simplest written language for anyone to learn.

You only need to know 7 alphabet letters: A B C D E F G. Once you learn the basics, and know how to make use of what the traditional method teaches, you can then use my Unique method to tap into the power of reading music notes quickly with confidence. This will help you overcome all the years of fear and frustrations in reading music, and the reward you receive is for a life time.

You will soon discover reading music is a lot of fun when you use my Music Note Attack Method! It helps you process your learning quickly and retain everything into memory! There is no need to count. No need to fumble your way through.

You learn to see the notes and read them like you read the names of your friends.

I receive so many requests from students who want to learn to read music notes quickly that I finally need to write out this unique method – step by step – exercises by exercises – so that all BEGINNERS will gain confidence immediately to read notes quickly and overcome the fear of reading music notes. It does not take years to learn to read music notes.

Use my Method and you can overcome all frustrations and struggles in reading Music Notes.



Rosa’s Music Note Attack Method Courses:

1. Intuitive Visual Recognition

2. Visual Memory in the Brain

3. Say it out Loud to store in Brain

4. Practice Smart Exercises


This is a UNIQUE Method that I develop for BEGINNERS who wants to learn how to read notes and to read them QUICKLY!

  • We are dealing specifically in the area of reading the music notes on music staff in both the Treble Clef and Bass Clef.
  • We are NOT dealing with reading other music symbols, rhythm, or value and duration of notes.

We want to quickly help BEGINNERS to master the Music Language of A-B-C-D-E-F-G so that they can quickly identify the notes on the music staff like they call out the names of their friends.


These courses can also be used by Music Teachers or Parents who want to teach their children to ‘Read Music Fast’. You can use these videos to guide your children in this Music Note Attack Method. Children learn much faster in this way as they learn to visualize these notes in their brain. In fact, they learn much faster than adults because they follow instructions, whereas adults are not as good as following through instructions


I am happy to announce that I have 3 new courses to get you started to Read Music Notes Fast!


1.  Read Music Notes Fast – Beginners Level 1  

(56 Lectures & 2 Hour Content)




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2.  Read Music Notes Fast – Beginners Level 2 – Read 22 Music Notes Accurately in 7 DAYS!

(112 Lectures with 3 Hour Content)





 $17 Early Bird Sales


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3.  Read Music Notes Fast with SPEED –  Level 3



Coming Soon!



For all my Loyal Subscribers:

You can NOW preorder Read Music Notes Fast Level 1 Book at Amazon for $0.99.  After the book launches, the book will go up to $2.99

You can click on the picture to pre-order your copy for $0.99



Enjoy your music journey,





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