Aura Lee (Love Me Tender) Piano Techniques


I’ve just finished preparing Reharmonization Study Kit #9: Aura Lee a.k.a. Love Me Tender!

Since this will be the last study kit on Reharmonization Method 1, I really went all out to make this a most worthwhile kit for students to take their piano playing to the next level.

The piano techniques came to 82 VIDEOS! 4 Hours Long! The piano techniques alone is like a piano course on its own. What a celebration this is for me and for all my students! This is record high.

I promise my students to release this piano technique ebook to them early in advance so that they can get an idea of the FUN stuff they are going to learn in this Kit.

Aura Lee / Love Me Tender – an all time favorite song that we all grew up with.

Reharmonization Kit 9 Aura Lee (Love Me Tender)

Reharmonization Kit 9 Aura Lee (Love Me Tender)

Click to Download – Piano Techniques ebook – 82 pages!

Enjoy Enjoy!


Pdf – A List of Piano Techniques in Reharmon Kits 1 to 6


One of my students recently asked me about a piano technique that I taught in the Reharmonization Kits but had difficulty locating which Kit it was in.

So I’ve decided to put together a pdf of all the piano techniques that are taught in the Reharmonization Kits 1 to 6.

Hope this becomes a handy tool for students to locate where the piano techniques are taught as they learn new skills everyday.

Right Click and download:
A List of Piano Techniques and Styles in Reharmonization Kit 1 to Kit 6

Happy Playing in 2011,

Is It Possible To Play Piano Without Hands & Fingers?


This is Liu Wei on last week’s episode of “China’s Got Talent.”

The 23-year-old lost both arms at the age of ten when he touched a high-voltage wire while playing hide-and-seek.

What would you do with your life if both your arms got amputated in an accident?

Watch how he reached his dreams to become a GREAT pianist without hands and fingers!

Feel free to leave your comments below!

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