Dear Students,

It’s been about a year since my Piano Online School Started.  There are now 18 courses on my Piano Online School and we have about 500 students having lots of fun learning Music Theory & piano.

Here are the 18 courses that are presently online:


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You can view the entire Piano Online School by clicking here:


 Rosa’s Piano Online School – Subscription Plan

In the coming months, I will  be adding at least a course a month onto the online school to help students to move from one level to the next.  These are new courses with video lectures in the form of workshops so that students get a classroom experience in their learning.

The Monthly Subscription Plan includes:

  • The present 18 courses that are presently online
  • Any new courses launched will also be available for you without added cost
  • You learn at your own pace
  • The online school is here 24/7
  • You can write to me to ask questions
  • You can cancel your subscription plan anytime.  Just drop me a note and I will cancel the plan for you.
  • Enjoy learning from course to course at your interest.

In order to give VALUE and ongoing high content Music & Piano Lessons, I will re-open again the Monthly Subscription Plan that I offered to students last year.


The monthly subscription is now still at a low cost as last year’s –  only $29/month.

After the summer, as more courses are added, I will upgrade the monthly subscription to $39/month.  

  • $39 does not even amount to a 1/2 hour piano lesson I give to my local students here, so even at that price, it is worth considering.


For the summer sales

Subscribe for $29/month:

Enjoy your piano journey and I will see you inside the classes,