New Course – Reharmonization Method 3

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New Course – Reharmonization Method 3



Have you ever wondered how you could easily reharmonize a song with good sounding bassline chord progressions moving in stepwise or in chromatic movement without trial and error?

In this Reharmonization Method 3, I present to you a method whereby you can easily find chords to help you move your chords in a smooth bassline without thinking too hard on using ‘chord inversions’.

This method of Reharmonization is called the minor 3rd (m3) chord substitutions to 2-5 chord progressions.

This is another quick method to help us harmonize a song with  contemporary sounding chords that are outside the key of C.


In Reharmonization Method 2: we learned the 2-5 Power Chord method.  In applying this 2-5 method, we are able to reharmonize a song with good sounding chords without trial and error.  2-5 works great when we  reharmonize a song with 2 different chords per bar.

Now, we want to make use of the 2-5-1 chord progression to find other contemporary chords substitutions.

Why use these extra contemporary chords?

Learn Reharm Method 3 – m3 Chord Trick


Testimonial from a student:

Hi Rosa,

Congratulation on your launch of Reharm Method 3. I am a big fan, I’ve collected all your Reharm Method 1 and 2 series. Your online course is really helpful, cover a lot of theory and the videos show me everything that I was confused with these last few years. I didn’t know where to find the answers, now all the answers are in your courses – greatly appreciated. I still remember when I studied a 1 year part time pop piano course in London and recognise all the syllabuses are covered in your course. They didn’t provide the theory notes so when I got home I forgot, now your course bring back the memory.

Highly recommend for everyone is the Reharm Kit 6 (When A Child Is Born) and Reharm Kit 7(Morning Has Broken)!

Best regards,

sally (UK)




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