Mini Piano Lessons – Mini Piano Lesson #1 Flowing Nostalgic 10th

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Mini Piano Lessons – Mini Piano Lesson #1 Flowing Nostalgic 10th

The Purpose Of these Mini Piano Lessons:


The launching of the Piano Technique #1: Flowing Ballad 9 was a smashing success.

I receive many feedback from students, and by popular demand, I am going to be creating a series of ‘MINI Piano Lessons’ in the upcoming weeks to help students  ‘Play In the Flow‘.

Our Struggles:


To Play In The Flow:  Master One Technique at a Time!

To get to the stage where you ‘play in the flow’, you must master some very ‘good sounding’ techniques into your fingers so that you can play them anywhere, anytime to other songs. If you cannot master the one technique into one song, then you will not be able to get to the state of ‘playing in the flow‘.

1.  So in these Mini Piano Lessons Series,  I try to help you stay very focused in ONE song to learn ONE  good sounding technique well.

2. Each Technique is carefully chosen to  make you sound professional.  You are going to stay very focused to playing ONE good sounding technique so well  that you can even play in your sleep.

These mini lessons are designed in such a way that they ‘get  you to play in the flow’ and ‘leave all effort playing behind’. Thus, REPETITION is needed.

Don’t be afraid of ‘REPETITION’!

When playing becomes effortless, you move into the flow!  You don’t need to depend on score sheet, and your heartbeat will direct your counting from the inside.

When you move  ‘into the flow state‘, then you just play play play. Your playing becomes so much fun that creativity is unhindered. Your natural expression will come out freely.

I tell students: “Play in the flow”. They don’t know what I am talking about.  I describe to them. They look puzzled.  So now, I have designed a METHOD into the piano course to move students to play in the flow by following the method of learning in these mini lessons.

So the METHOD behind these  mini lessons are there to train you brain intuition.  When you follow the SYSTEM from one video to the next, you will know what it is to play in the flow.  Rather than for me to explain to you what ‘playing in the flow‘ is, you are going to EXPERIENCE it for yourself as you go through the training in these videos.  As you apply yourself into these video lessons and practice, it’s like “Practice Flowing”.

More specifically, the videos in the mini lessons are there to help you experience the ‘quickness’ of the hands, ie. to let your hands outpace your thinking.  Once your intuition and your muscle memory lead you forward, you ‘drift into the flow’ of piano playing.

Well, in the coming weeks, I am going to be offering mini courses to further reinforce the idea of ‘mastering a technique’ into your fingers easily so that you can play ‘in the flow’.

I try to use different ways for students to repeat the playing so that they know what to concentrate each time. Each time – I move them forward to get into the ‘drift of flow‘.


Mini Piano Lessons Series


Mini Piano Lesson #1 Nostalgic 10



Mini Piano Lesson #1:  Flowing Nostalgic 10

Piano Tip:  Use 3rd Finger Cross Over to Play Flowing Nostalgic 10

Song:  I’ve Got Peace Like A River

Key:  C Key & F Key

Bonus Piano Tip 1:  Expanded Flowing Ballad 9  ( Line 2 Bar 3)

Bonus Piano Tip 2:  Add Amen Chord for Ending:  IV/I  I   (Line 4 Bar 3)

Mini Piano Lesson 1 Nostalgic 10 - I've Got Peace Like A River

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