Reharmonization Method 1 – 9 KITS – BUNDLE Special – Mega Discount Save $100

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Reharmonization Method 1 – 9 KITS – BUNDLE Special – Mega Discount Save $100

Play Christmas Songs



Last Christmas, I received such a fantastic response from my students about the Reharmonization Method 1 Course that many students asked if I would continue to develop more courses on Piano Reharmonization.  As a result, this year, I developed Reharmonization Method 2 – Power Chord Series for students to learn to play popular and movie songs.  More songs will be coming soon.

SinceReharmonization Method 1 is mainly Christmas Songs, I decided to provide a MEGA DISCOUNT CHRISTMAS SALES  for other students who are now ready to take their piano playing journey onto the next level. Some of you have requested for special bundle sales, and so I am providing the following Bundle of 9 for a special discount price for my students.

You can now start practising these Christmas songs to play for Christmas.  You have 3 months to learn to play these songs for your Christmas family gatherings and enough time to make your own CD as Christmas presents for your friends. How wonderful! Don’t forget to send me a copy.


Reharmonization Method 1 is suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Level of piano playing.


Christmas Bundle Special #1: A Total of 9 Kits

Reharmonization Study Kits 1 to 9



Christmas Special Bundle #1:  98 eBooks  +  23 Hours of Videos

Reharm Kit 1: Foundation Course: Away In A Manger – 10 eBooks + 4 Hours Video

Reharm Kit 2: Away In A Manger (Traditional Melody) – 11 eBooks + 2 Hours Video

Reharm Kit 3: Joy To The World – 11eBooks + 1.5 Hours Videos

Reharm Kit 4: Jingle Bell Rock – 11 eBooks + 2 Hours Videos

Reharm Kit 5: O Holy Night – 11 eBooks + 2.5 Hours Videos

Reharm Kit 6: When A Child Is Born – 11 eBooks + 2 Hours Video

Reharm Kit 7: Morning Has Broken – 11eBooks + 2 Hours Videos

Reharm Kit 8: The Old Rugged Cross – 11 eBooks + 2 Hours Videos

Reharm Kit 9: Aura Lee – 11 eBooks + 5 Hours Videos

Reharmonization Piano Courses - Bundle of 9


Original Launching Price:  $397

Buy Now –  $297

 (Save $100)


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