Reharmonization Method 1 Kit 1 – Foundation Course – Away In A Manger

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Reharmonization Method 1 Kit 1 – Foundation Course – Away In A Manger

Reharmonization Kit 1 – Away In A Manger


10 E Books on Reharmonization of Away In A manger

Study Kit No. 1: Away In A Manger (By James Murray)

70+ Insider Tips & Piano Techniques

1. A comprehensive study guide to study a song in 10 Levels. 10 Levels of Song Arrangement

2. Video Demos of all Reharmonization rules

3. Video Demos of a smorgasbord of 75 Piano Styles & Techniques

4. Lesson Worksheets for Students You learn how to turn a song from its basic level to putting in advanced chords for interesting harmony. Once you learn the 10 different levels of rearranging ‘Away In A Manger’ in Study Kit 1, you will be able to apply the same principles to hundreds and thousands of songs. This is a thorough step by step approach to show you how you can use the following chords to harmonize a song in Key of C:

Understanding Chord Progressions:

There is no need to follow written sheet music arrangement for the 10 levels, because I show you how to PLAY BY EAR by understanding chord sounds and chord functions. You will learn how to play by ear using the following chord progressions. There are lots of chord progressions you will learn so I will just show you a few chord progressions to give you some idea:

Lead Sheets & Chord Diagrams for the Song are provided

Full blown sheet music of the 10 levels of arrangement will not be provided as I want to encourage students to learn to ‘Play By Ear” when they learn the reharmonization rules. However, lead sheets for basic harmony level will be provided. Also Chord charts and Chord movement diagrams with lyrics are provided in all the 10 levels.

Levels of Studies:

Level 1 Basic Harmony: I IV V7 Adding in cadences: IV to I; V to I Key of C: C, F, G7
Level 2 Chord Extensions & Quartals Add color tones: 6ths, 7ths, 9ths I6, IM7, I6/9, IV6, IVM7, IV6/9, V9 Key of C: C6, CM7, C6/9, F6, FM7, F6/9, FM9, G9
Level 3 Minor chord substitutions & additions ii, iii, vi Key of C: Dm, Em, Am
Level 4 Circle of 5ths for minor chord substitutions ii7, iii7, vi7 Key of C: Dm7, Em7, Am7
Level 5 Secondary Dominants I7, II7, VI7 Key of C: C7, D7, A7
Level 6 Altered dominant chord substitution: 7b9 I7b9, II7b9, V7b9, VI7b9 Key of C: C7b9, D7b9, G7b9, A7b9
Level 7 Diminished 7 Chords (b3 + b5) Substitutions and Insertions I#°7, ii#°7, bIII°7, IV#°7 Key of C: C#dim7 to Dm; D#dim7 to Em; Ebdim7 to Dm; F#dim7 to C/G
Level 8 Altered dominant chord substitution: +5 Augmented chords Key of C: C+, G+, A+, D+ Whole tone scales
Level 9 Suspension chords: 4th tone IV/V, bVII/I, V/VI, I/II Key of C: G7sus, C7sus, A7sus, D7sus
Level 10 Tritone Substitution Chords bII7, bIII7, bV7, bVI7, bVII7 Key of C: Db7, Eb7, Gb7, Ab7, Bb7

70+ Techniques and Styles:

1. 5 Finger Melody

2. Bluesy Notes

3. 5 Note Turn

4. Grace Notes

5. Chord Inversions

6. Transfer Chord

7. Melody in 3rds

8. Melody in 6ths

9. 3T6 Handshape

10. 4T6 Handshape

11. Mordant Triplet

12. Amen ending

13. Plagal Cadence

14. Perfect Cadence

15. Play in F Key

16. Color Tones

17. Open 10th

18. Rocking 10th

19. Ballad 9

20. New Age

21. Nostalgic Ballad

22. Cross Over Ballad

23. Cross Over 2 Octaves

24. Ascending Arp

25. Ballad Hop

26. C6 Dancing Water Run

27. C6 Waterfall Run

28. Quartals Playing

29. Simple Quartal Run

30. Octaves

31. Tremolos

32. Walk Up & Walk Down

33. Rocking Walking Bass

34. Smooth Voicing

35. Minor Chord Substitution

36. Open Voicing

37. Closed Voicing using Inversions

38. Scale Fills

39. Scale Run Up

40. Scale Run Down

41. Rolling Wave Techniques

42. Simple Triad Run

43. Major 7 Dreamy Run

44. Major 7 – C + Em Run

45. Major 9 Nostalgic Runs

46. Major 9 – C + Em9 Run

47. Introduction G7 Simple

48. G7 Inversion Run

49. G7b9 Introduction Run

50. G7b9 Overlap Run

51. G7b9 LH Cross Over b9

52. Secondary Dominant Chords

53. 7b9 Substitutions

54. 1625 Turn Around & Variation

55. Diminished 7 chords chromatic movement

56. Chromatic Scale & Fingering

57. Chromatic scale runs

58. Chromatic Tone Fillers

59. LH chromatic run

60. Augmented Chord Substitutions

61. C Whole Tone scale

62. C# whole tone scale

63. Whole tone scale fillers

64. Whole tone special effects

65. Whole tone harp

66. Whole tone introduction

67. Suspended Chord 4-3

68. Suspended Chord run

69. Suspended chord IV/V

70. Suspended chord intro

71. Tritone Chromatic movement

72. Tritone chords formation

73. Playing very dissonant tritones

74. Tritone chords turnarounds

75. RH Block Chord Style Harmonization

76. 4T6 Locked Hand Chorale Voicing

77. 4T6 block chords to Away in a manger

Reharmonization Piano Course - Kit 1- Away In A Manger

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