Reharmonization Method 1 Kit 3 – Joy To The World

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Reharmonization Method 1 Kit 3 – Joy To The World

Reharmonization Study Kit No. 3

Joy To The World


11 eBooks Reharmonization Study Kit 3:  Joy To The World

This is the 3rd Reharmonization Study Kit. To be skilful at reharmonization techniques, we need to practice this skill into lots of songs with different chord progressions. Once you apply these 10 levels of reharmonization principles to at least 10 songs, you will become very good at arranging and rearranging songs at the piano by ear. Remember to stay focus at each level so that you are crystal clear to the reharmonization rules you are applying at each level. As a BONUS to this Reharmonization Kit No. 3, I am teaching you some new piano techniques so that you can have fun playing this song. The UNIQUE feature of study Kit 3 is to learn how to create different kinds of atmosphere in your playing by using the following piano techniques: Dramatic rhythmic octave drums in contrast to soft music box stylechimes and bells, Westminster chimes, soft tingling tones, as well as how to change a 4/4 song to 3/4 playing. effect. You will learn how to play

Understanding Chord Progressions:

You will learn how to play by ear using the following chord progressions. The following are some chord progressions you will learn in this song:

Reharmonization Piano Course Kit 3 - Joy To The World

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