Reharmonization Method 1 – Kit 4 – Jingle Bell Rock

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Reharmonization Method 1 – Kit 4 – Jingle Bell Rock

Reharmonization Study Kit No. 4

JingleBell Rock


Christmas Songs: 10 eBooks on 10 Levels of Reharmonization to Jingle Bell Rock


This is the 4th Reharmonization Study Kit. To be skilful at reharmonization techniques, we need to practice this skill into lots of songs with different chord progressions. Jingle Bell Rock is a FUN rhythmic song to play! Learn how to put in colorful chord substitutions to liven up the song. The UNIQUE feature of “Jingle Bell Rock Study 4” is that you will learn to freely put in “bum bum bum” like what a bass guitarist would do to add texture to the basslines. You’ll also learn different piano techniques to jazz up a song: melody swing, syncopated notes, crush notes & various walking basses between different chords: walk up, walk down, echo melody tone, walk back and forth.

Understanding Chord Progressions:

You will learn how to play by ear using the following chord progressions. The following are some chord progressions you will learn in this song:

Reharmonization Method Kit 4 - Jingle Bell Rock

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