Reharmonization Method 1 – Kit 5 – O Holy Night

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Reharmonization Method 1 – Kit 5 – O Holy Night

Reharmonization Kit No. 5

O Holy Night

11 ebooks O Holy Night Reharmonization


This is the 5th Reharmonization Study Kit!!! “O Holy Night” is an all time favorite song for many people. Many students have been waiting for this Reharmonization Kit, so I have put in ‘DOUBLE‘ work in the piano techniques to respond to the needs of students. There’s a total of 60 Piano Technique Video Clips & 45 pages of explanation in this Piano Technique Special Edition. The UNIQUE feature of “O Holy Night Study Kit 5″ is that you will learn 2 great piano techniques: TRIPLETS & CHORD TRANSFER to play LH and RH accompaniment for solo piano, as well as to modify these techniques to accompany singers. You will learn 12 different kinds of accompaniment & BALLAD variations to play this song in a variety of ways. Timing and fingerings are shown & notated in all the various accompaniments.

Understanding Chord Progressions:

You will learn how to play by ear using the following chord progressions. The following are some chord progressions you will learn in this song:

Reharmonization Method1 Kit 5 - O Holy Night

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