Reharmonization Method 1 Kit 7 – Morning Has Broken

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Reharmonization Method 1 Kit 7 – Morning Has Broken

Reharmonization Kit 7

Morning Has Broken

Reharmonization Kit ebooks Morning Has Broken


To take your piano playing to the performance level, learn to play beautiful endings so as to leave a memorable experience to your audience. This Kit will provide a variety of ways to help you creatively arrange the ending of a song. Explore how you can keep your audience in suspense by delaying the final resolution to the tonic chord. Add to your bag of tricks by spicing up your endings with dreamy chords: Fm, Ab7, Bb7, Ddim7, Csus, Csus2. You’ll learn how to make good use of plagal cadence, Am deceptive cadence, suspension resolution, echo ending, climax ending, Flatted 6th Cadence, and ending on the 3rd tone. Once you learn how to end a tune with different types of chord progressions, you can also improvise on these ideas to do creative introductions to set the mood and style of a song. Some very simple standard introductions and lead-ins are also taught in this Kit.

Understanding Chord Progressions:

You will learn how to play by ear using the following chord progressions. The following are some chord progressions you will learn in this song:

Reharmonization Piano Course - Kit 6 - Morning Has Broken

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