Reharmonization Method 1 – Kit 8 – The Old Rugged Cross

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Reharmonization Method 1 – Kit 8 – The Old Rugged Cross

Reharmonization Study Kit No. 8

The Old Rugged Cross


11 ebooks Reharmonization Study Kit NO. 8  The Old Rugged Cross


Learn to creatively add harmonic runs and fills into your playing easily with 4T0 Handshape & 4T6 Handshape. You will learn to use 2 hands to put in harmonic color tones: 6ths, 7ths, 9ths. Ascending, Descending and Contrary motions are explored so that you can freely put them into all your favorite songs. These harmonic runs & fills are usually played slowly to fill up the empty measures and the long tones. When you learn to play in contrary motion, you learn to put in counter melody. Playing harmonic color chords is a big subject, so I will give you a basic foundation so that you can continue to explore and create your own harmonic runs and fills using the concept of polychords, chord inversions, 4T6 and 4T0 Handshapes. Once you understand the basic concept, you can build your own vocabulary of harmonic fills and licks in different contexts of songs. In this way, you don’t need to memorize licks & runs and freely create your own fills. The Old Rugged Cross is a slow song, so this is a perfect song to learn how to put in color chord harmonic runs and fills: Ascending Run, Descending Run, Contrary Motion, harmonic 10ths, harmonic 6ths, harmonic 7ths, harmonic 9ths & counter melody. Each video has one central focus. You will learn how to ‘think in harmonic tones’ when you practice each video separately. You’ll learn how to create great sounding harmonic sounds while playing chords not in root position, yet you can “think” in root position by making use of 4T6 technique, 4TO technique, mixing LH & RH polychord technique, playing in contrary motion.

Understanding Chord Progressions:

You will learn how to play by ear using the following chord progressions. The following are some chord progressions you will learn in this song:

Reharmonization Piano Course - The Old Rugged Cross

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